About Blackwell

Blackwell serves 500 students in kindergarten through sixth grade. Our school includes self-contained deaf/hard-of-hearing classrooms.

Every student has the opportunity to become fluent in Sign Language. Students are exposed to sign language for thirty minutes a week in their classroom. There is a curriculum that is followed for students to become fluent and are exposed to many different topics in conversation. Staff at Blackwell are encouraged to learn and use sign language during instruction. The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program in kindergarten through sixth grade integrates into the general education classrooms for an inclusion setting. The sign language program is entering its 18th year, and many of the students are quite fluent communicators with sign.

Blackwell has access to a full production studio. Every classroom has access to watch daily student-centered broadcasts and schoolwide instruction in sign language. All announcements are signed and broadcast throughout the school.

Our sign language program received the School Board Honorary Award for Service to Persons with Disabilities from the National School Board Association and the National Organization on Disability. Blackwell School was also nominated for the Best Elementary School in the 2009 Deaf Illinois Awards.

Blackwell School follows the guidelines set forth in PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports), which is supported by the Illinois State Board of Education. The PBIS program organizes adults and students to create a culture in school that encourages positive behavior and interaction while discouraging problem behaviors.

In addition to a strong academic experience, students have the opportunity to participate in many activities, such as school musicals,Wake Up With Reading (morning reading club), gym clubs( with sports activities), Fit Girls Club, STEM club, rocket club, GEMS club, creative art classes, math club, sign language club, Battle of the Books club,Drama Club, Crochet Club, Bracelet Making Club  and Comic Book writing club.

Blackwell is strongly supported by our parent community, including the Parent Teacher Association (PTA).

A full continuum of special services is available to students in District 54. All children have access to early childhood programs, which are clustered geographically. Each of the elementary schools has gifted resource services, although eligible children can also attend the magnet program at Campanelli School.

The school was named after Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman awarded a doctorate of medicine in the United States.

Mascot: Bobcat
Colors: Blue and white