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“The first essential in any book is that it have something significant to say –a book that leaves the reader with bigger ideas than when he began reading – that stimulates his thinking, stretches his mind, deepens his feelings. A good book sticks to your ribs.”
                                 – Rebecca Caudil




  The Blackwell Library is an important educational resource for teachers and students. It is a learning and information center. Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Buzek provide experiences to stimulate reading and develop in students a desire to read, while also providing a teaching/learning environment for the classrooms.

The Blackwell Library is much more than books. It is a learning center with a full range of literature and technology resources used to support student achievement. It’s a place to help students develop a love of reading which they can use to explore the world through their imagination and literature!


We welcome makerspace activities to the Blackwell library.  A makerspace is a collaborative work space inside a school or library for making, learning, exploring and sharing that uses high tech to no tech tools.


Book Checkout Policy

Kindergarten: One book

1st /2nd grade: Two books

3rd-6th grade: Two books and magazines

Students can renew books at any time. Lost books are the responsibility of the student. A fee will be charged if not found.



How to choose a “Just Right Book”

The Five Finger Rule

If students  are not sure if a book is “just right”  they can use the Five Finger Rule to help them decide.

  1. Open to a page of the book.
  2. Begin reading.
  3. Each time you come to a word you don’t know, hold up 1 finger.
  4. After you finish reading the page, check to see how many fingers you are holding up.

Too Easy: 0 – 1 fingers

Just Right: 2 – 3 fingers

Too Hard: 4 – 5 fingers


Award Winning Books

Newberry Medal Book Awards

Monarch Book Awards

Rebecca Caudill Book Awards

Award winning picture book of the Month
Knight Owl